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The Dynamic Robotics Laboratory (DRL) at UCSB develops novel methods for both control and analysis of robot motions. Our primary foci are locomotion and manipulation, and underactuation and stochasticity are key challenges we address. Example research topics include:
    - Deep Reinforcement Learning
    - Legged Locomotion
    - Agile Robot Skating
    - Lower-Limb Exoskeletons
    - Learning Contact Dynamics
    - Manipulation
    - Dynamic Motions of Wheeled Vehicles
Katie Byl, Principal Investigator.

Curent and past projects include:
    . NSF CAREER - Robust Bipedal Locomotion
    . NSF NRI - Versatile Locomotion (with RoboSimian)
    . Army ICB: Biomimetic Gecko-inspired Robots
    . Army Robotics CTA: Agile Locomotion with RoboSimian
    . UCSB: Agile/Robust Hopping on Rough Terrain
    . DARPA Robotics Challenge (Team RoboSimian, with JPL/Caltech)
         - youtube video of RoboSimian
    . Army ICB: Bio-Inspired Biped Robot Locomotion
    . Army Robotics CTA: Robust Flexible-spine Bounding

The Dynamic Robotics Lab at UCSB is affiliated with:          
the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Eng. (ECE),
the Dept. of Mechanical Eng. (ME), and
the Center for Control, Dyn. Sys. and Computation (CCDC).

[RoboSimian] Current Members:
  Roman Aguilera
  Guillaume Bellegarda 
  Katie Byl, PI
  Min Dai
  Sean Gillen
  Thomas Ibbetson
  Matthias Kargl
  Jonathan Koury
  Asutay Ozmen
  Nate Rudolph
  Nihar Talele

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We typically have multiple project in which undergraduate researchers and/or masters students can participate. Most undergraduates start as unpaid vollunteers, but (with appropriate planning) summer funding is sometimes also possible. On average, I typically recruit about one new doctoral student each year. (Could be zero. Could be three.) Our research focuses on dynamics, control and machine learning, and our lab (analogously) includes students from the ECE, ME and CS Departments. See "New Members" link at top left of page for additional comments.
Katie's doctoral work was under that guidance of Prof. Russ Tedrake at the Robot Locomotion Group at MIT, with Neville Hogan as committee chair. As a postdoctoral fellow, Katie was researching microrobotic flapping-wing robots with Prof. Rob Wood at Harvard.