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The Robotics Laboratory at UCSB develops novel control for autonomous robots. Our primary focus is robot locomotion, where underactuation and stochasticity are key challenges, particularly:
   - supervised autonomy
   - legged locomotion
   - flapping-wing micro-aerial vehicles (MAVs)
   - lower-limb exoskeletons

Katie Byl, Principal Investigator. (link to ECE faculty profile).

Current Projects:

    . DARPA Robotics Challenge (Team RoboSimian, with JPL/Caltech)
         - youtube video of RoboSimian
    . NSF CAREER - Robust Bipedal Locomotion
    . Army ICB: Bio-Inspired Biped Robot Locomotion
    . Army ICB: Biomimetic Gecko-like Robot
    . Army Robotics CTA: Robust Flexible-spine Bounding
    . OSD: Autonomous System Interfaces ("RobotAcademy", with Toyon)
    . UCSB: Agile/Robust Hopping on Rough Terrain

The Robotics Lab at UCSB is affiliated with:
the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Eng. (ECE),
the Dept. of Mechanical Eng. (ME), and
the Center for Control, Dyn. Sys. and Computation (CCDC).

[RoboSimian] Current Members:
   Katie Byl, PI
   Marty Byl
   Vincent Chiu
   Chelsea Lau
   Giulia Piovan
   Cenk Oguz Saglam
   Brian Satzinger
   Sebastian Sovero
   Chris Steward
   Tom Strizic
   Pat Terry

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We are not actively recruiting undergraduate and graduate researchers at this time; see "New Members" link at top left of page.
Katie's doctoral work was under that guidance of Prof. Russ Tedrake at the Robot Locomotion Group at MIT, with Neville Hogan as committee chair. As a postdoctoral fellow, Katie was researching microrobotic flapping-wing robots with Prof. Rob Wood at Harvard.